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Today is election day for local officials in Alexandria, and for two weeks or more, every grass verge and median has been full of these unsightly signs—so many of them that it’s information overload. Other, more enlightened, jurisdictions don’t allow it. I wonder if the signs do any good. They certainly wouldn’t convince me to vote if I wasn’t already going to, nor would they make me change my mind about whom to vote for if I’d already made it up. Another thing I wonder is whether the campaign workers who were so enthusiastic about putting the signs up will be as enthusiastic about removing them.


3 Responses to Vote!

  1. Elisabeth says:

    This is, indeed, a weird U.S. custom (but, in France, you see posters on walls everywhere.) I am usually pretty bad with local elections – not that I do not vote – but I always feel beyond unfamiliar with the candidates.

  2. srp says:

    Thanks for visiting and for correcting my Italian. 🙂 French and German were my languages of study so I have a lot of trouble with the “the”.

    We didn’t have THAT many signs down here at the Beach. The paper here prints a good insert with all the views of the candidates on the issues. It also gives the educational background and where the local candidate can be reached…. e-mail and such for questions. It is not as small town as Columbus, MS where we went to church with one mayor and where the new one was a former weatherman on TV, but the insert seems to make things easier.

  3. Fotoaddict says:

    so, its the same all over the world , election is already over more than 2 weeks, campaigne signs are still all over..what an eyesore !

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