Roadside memorial

These little roadside memorials to victims of traffic accidents are usually transitory. The flags and flowers and other items blow away or are carried off by animals; what doesn’t disappear gets weatherbeaten, and eventually road-cleaning crews remove the remains. This one—which is on my drive home—is different. Since I first noticed it a couple of years ago, it has become more elaborate, and when I got out of my car to look at it yesterday, I could see that it is tended regularly. The silk flowers are fresh, two little ceramic dogs nestle among the flowers, and at either end is a small solar-powered lantern. I find it heartening that these things are not stolen.

3 Responses to Roadside memorial

  1. transall says:


    Nous trouvons aussi parfois des bouquets de fleurs au pied d’un arbre sur le bord de la route en France, lorsqu’un accident a eu lieu à cet endroit.

    A ma connaissance, il est assez rare toutefois que l’on trouve un monument semblable à celui que vous nous présentez aujourd’hui. Il est par ailleurs étonnant, effectivement, que personne n’ait volé les objets qui ont été déposés.



  2. Anne says:

    i’ve seen some DP blogs posts something similar…it’s great to know this is done in other countries, this is not a normal practice in the Phils, but there are also people who do this, specially if so many people died in one place

  3. Ham says:

    Like didier, we have more flowers than shrines like this. And the flowers mostly fade and get covered with grime. I’ve always thought that a time lapse series showing hte flowers wilting, or just a collection of photographs of the wilted and forgotten flowers, would make a powerful statement.

    There is one near me that is also maintained (although not quite the same) I may try to post it myself.

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