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The Krispy Kreme Doughnut shop on Richmond Highway in Alexandria is a landmark. Stand at the side of the building and look through the window into the bakery, and you can watch the legions of doughnuts marching along the conveyer belts from one process to the next, finally flipping over and passing through a curtain of white frosting. Even if you’re nowhere near a Krispy Kreme store, you can still see the process here. Choose the link that says “Our Doughnut Theater.”

The time to visit Krispy Kreme is when the “Hot” sign outside is lit. That tells you freshly baked, warm doughnuts are coming out of the bakery into the shop. They are terrible for you, nothing but sugar and fat—and they are irresistible!

I should add that, alas, it doesn’t look like this any longer. I took this photograph around 15 or 20 years ago, and sometime fairly recently, the old building was pulled down and a new, improved (and featureless) KK coffee and doughnut shop has gone up in its place. The doughnuts are still wonderful, though.

5 Responses to Krispy Kreme

  1. Sam says:

    Oh Dear! Now I am craving a donut. Even though I’ve never had a Krispy Kreme Donut – just the name suggests it will be divine, lol!

  2. Passante says:

    Sam, they apparently have Krispy Kreme stores in England, so if the craving gets too bad, you can always hop the Eurostar!

  3. jenni says:

    You couldn’t have found a more perfect car to have pictured out front. It makes the shot look twenty years old!

  4. Passante says:

    Actually, you’re not far wrong, Jenni. I think I took this photograph about 15 years ago!

  5. […] A while back I posted an old photograph of Krispy Kreme, somewhere I used to like to go—not particularly to eat the doughnuts but to watch them being made. You used to be able to see the whole huge assembly line process through windows on the side. They tore down the old KK a few years ago and built this updated model where you can no longer see the donuts marching by. I’ve never had any urge to go in. […]

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