If you go out in the woods today

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You’re sure of a big surprise, but it won’t be a bunch of teddy bears having a picnic. Wander the woodland trails at Adkins Arboretum in Ridgely, MD, between June and August, and every so often you’ll come upon an unexpected piece of sculpture. It’s the Arboretum’s 2006 Outdoor Sculpture Invitational entitled Artists in Dialogue with Landscape. Some of the artists were installing their works today. I found this piece—a mature woman’s head on a naked child’s body—very disturbing.

2 Responses to If you go out in the woods today

  1. dutchie says:

    Absolutely agree, disturbing!
    Interesting though and i am sure good for a laugh during your walk too!

  2. Maj W says:

    Eww. I’ve always had a preference for art that is pretty and/or thought provoking. This one is just sort of off-putting.

    No doubt my inability to appreciate this sort of thing indicates some sort of art-gene deficency… 🙂

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