Floral door

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An inviting door into a shop selling children’s clothes.

3 Responses to Floral door

  1. Anne says:

    Yellow is slowly becoming my favorite colors! I just love how relaxing this color is to the eyes…yes that door is very inviting!

  2. midnitebara says:

    hi ! thanks for dropping by my blog. I agree with you that japanese gardens are beautiful but did you notice it lacks color!? From what I’ve seen in magazines and tv.., english gardens are so colorful and gay. Energizes our spirit but our gardens have the opposite effect. Because of the different shades of green, it calms our restless souls.

    hah, what Im am saying? Im no expert. Sorry, thought I’d share how I feel about gardens.

  3. midnitebara says:

    by the way, that door is charming.

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