Union Station

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This is the arcade outside Washington’s Union Station, which throws modesty aside (and strains credibility) to dub itself “the most exciting and dynamic shopping destination in the country.” With 25 million visitors a year, Union Station is the most visited tourist site in Washington, D.C., according to its Web site. The revamped 90-year old station boasts 130 stores of all kinds, nine cinemas within one movie theatre complex, many restaurants, and constantly changing art exhibits.

Oh, and you can also catch a train there. Transportation is Union Station’s sideline.

Welcome to Alice, the newest Daily Photo member. Check out her photos of the Golfe du Morbihan in Brittany.


9 Responses to Union Station

  1. Carlos says:

    Nice perspective in the arcade. Good info and great links. I think it is pretty famous because of films too.

  2. Good choice to use B+W here. Good info on D.C. as well.

  3. Pierre says:

    Hi Passante, beautiful pic indeed, looks like a drawing or a Daumier engraving…

  4. Kate says:

    Looks very “old world” to me, which is what I like about D.C.

    Yes, blk and white impressive!

  5. transall says:


    Pour notre information, le nombre de visiteurs que vous citez est-il celui des visiteurs ayant pris un billet spécialement pour cette visite, ou bien est-ce le nombre total de personnes ayant traversé le lieu, pour quelque raison que ce soit (le visiter ou prendre un moyen de transport) ?

    Ce monument est effectivement quelque chose qui semble très présent dans la culture américaine.

    Jolie photo en tout cas avec un petit air “rétro” très intéressant.


    Didier (blog)

  6. alice says:

    Thank you for welcoming and for the link! I’m coming back soon to visit your blog (and my english is weaker than your french!)

  7. Passante says:

    Carlos — I like this kind of perspective (to shoot it and to see it in other people’s photographs). It has a kind of mystery — what will I find it I walk all the way into the picture?

    Orange County and Kate — I shot this a number of years ago (predigital) when I was doing a lot of black and white work because I had my own darkroom and could print it myself. I think it works better than it would have done in color. Glad you agree.

    Pierre — Interesting that you say Daumier. I’d not thought of that. Because of the way you use light, I find that many of your images have a very painterly quality.

    Didier — Je ne sais pas. J’ai trouvé le numero dans le Web site de Union Station sans explication. J’assume qu’il signifie toutes les personnes — celles qui vont simplement voir le lieu ou visiter les magazins et les restaurants, et celles qui vont prendre le train.

    Didier asked whether the number of visitors represented those who went as sightseers/shoppers or whether it included people who were there to catch a train. I don’t know because the Union Station Web site didn’t explain the number, but I assume it must include anyone who passes through for any reason at all.

    Alice — You’re welcome. And your English is fine.

  8. alice says:

    Ca y est, j’ai pris le temps de me promener un peu chez toi! Ton blog est très agréable, varié, intéressant, avec une indéniable touche féminine. Je suis ravie de le connaître. A très bientôt!

  9. Seesaw says:

    Very good perspective! Nice shot!

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