School’s out!

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Well actually, school was out here a couple of weeks ago. But adult education evening classes are still going on in the local high schools, and yesterday evening (when I was in a high school for my French conversation evening class) the janitorial staff were opening the pupils’ lockers and cleaning out the abandoned rubbish.

Unrelated (though maybe not for those students who think of high school as prison), but visit Pierre’s post today on Venice Daily Photo. Most visitors to Venice (me included) unimaginatively photograph the Bridge of Sighs from outside—the perspective of the free. Pierre captures the reason for its name by photographing, from the bridge itself, the last view of Venice and the outside world that the majority of condemned prisoners would ever see. It’s a powerful image.


6 Responses to School’s out!

  1. Pierre says:

    Hello Passante, thank you so much for your always so nice comments. It’s appreciated 🙂

  2. alice says:

    Ah, je sais maintenant comment tu entretiens ton excellent niveau de français!
    A nouveau d’accord avec toi quant au coup d’oeil de Pierre à Venise…

  3. Elisabeth says:

    Great photo, Passante! I was not aware that you were taking a French conversation class. Tu pourras mettre tout cela en pratique à Lille! :o)

    Et, encore une fois, merci pour le lien avec Venice Daily Photo, that shot was amazing.

  4. Monique says:

    This is a cool shot!

    Very symbolic and the colors stand out.

  5. Maj W says:

    Great photo – and the French class sounds like a lot more fun than the French class I took in high school… 🙂

  6. Kate says:

    For some reason this photo really appeals to me. Perhaps it’s the lockers’ colors, but perhaps it’s nostalgic–do I miss teaching? I miss the students but little else. Retirement rocks!!

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