Smithsonian Castle

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What’s now known as the Castle was the first building of the Smithsonian Institution, designed by James Renwick Jr., and completed in 1855. Today it houses the administrative offices and an information center where visitors can watch a video orientation to the Smithsonian museums.

3 Responses to Smithsonian Castle

  1. Marie McC says:

    I just posted the Shiloh Baptist Church because I love its tower, and here I see you have featured one of the Castle towers. Have you been reading my mind again? Actually, I guess it’s a turret. Nice shot!

  2. Elisabeth says:

    I was totally fascinated with this building the first time I saw it – back in 1974, and I still love it. Great photo!

  3. […] I showed you the tower of the Smithsonian Castle in June. Here’s the facade of the Castle, which was the original museum building and is now the visitor center. […]

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