Apartment Building Doorway

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Passante had prepared posts for me to publish during her vacation. Today I discovered there is a Blogger setting we didn’t know had to be activated, so now I can’t access the posts she intended for me to put online. Fortunately, we live in the same area and I have a few Washington photos in my back pocket, so I’ll still be able to cover for her while she’s away. And you’ll get to see her photos in ten days.

Meanwhile, this is a doorway to an apartment building in Southeast Washington, DC. I thought the detail above the door quite attractive.

Photograph and post by Marie McC of Alexandria Daily Photo.

4 Responses to Apartment Building Doorway

  1. Kate says:

    I love Washington doors and have an old poster of many of them. The colors in the photo are warm and inviting. Do you have a blog, too?

  2. Marie McC says:

    I do Alexandria Daily Photo and have just started Doorways Around the World so I’d have an excuse to take more doorway photos!

  3. This could be anywhere. I had to check which blog I was at. Very Indian. Nice shot.

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