Capitol Hill Flea Market


Every weekend you can pop across the street from Eastern Market to the Capitol Hill Flea Market, not so much a flea market in the true sense but more of an arts, crafts, retro and antiques market. The banner says “Every Saturday,” but it’s outdated as it has been operating on Sundays, too, for quite some time.

Photograph and post by Marie McC of Alexandria Daily Photo.

4 Responses to Capitol Hill Flea Market

  1. Anne says:

    I’m sur you can find treasures there! Do you visit it frequently?

  2. Marie McC says:

    Every couple of months I go for fun. There’s lots of good stuff there, but it’s mostly kind of expensive.

  3. santy says:

    I love going to flea markets! You never know what cute things you’d find 🙂

  4. Dorota says:

    I love the flea market. It is great for Christmas shopping because of the one-of-a-kind merchandise–from Turkish ceramics to original art to lovely pearl jewelry from China!

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