Fresh mushrooms


I’m back from Europe and went to the Del Ray Farmers’ Market early this morning to restock my empty fridge with fresh fruit and veg. This stall sells nothing but mushrooms, all but one variety (I forget which!) locally grown.

A million thanks to Marie McC of Alexandria Daily Photo for posting while I was in Europe and to all of you who commented on her gorgeous pictures. I had prepared draft posts for Marie, but we didn’t know about one Blogger setting that needed to be activated (Blogger doesn’t make it easy), so while she could see the list of posts, she couldn’t actually post them! So in addition to posting for her own blogs, Marie prepared posts to cover this one too.


10 Responses to Fresh mushrooms

  1. Monkcraft says:

    I like your photographs. We have a monastery not far from there, in Berryville, Virginia. Many thanks for your pix – James

  2. Kate says:

    Welcome back. Mushrooms–I go to our Farmers Market every Saturday while my husband sleeps, but have never seen mushrooms for sale.

  3. Kate says:

    PS. Anxious to see some photos from Europe….lucky you, and lucky us to get more of your fine pics.

  4. alice says:

    Welcome back home! Pas trop de mal avec le décalage horaire?

  5. transall says:


    Je suppose que vous appréciez de pouvoir retrouver vos habitudes après ces quelques jours passés sur le “vieux” continent…

    Nous aurons probablement le plaisir de découvrir dans les prochains jours vos impressions sur ce voyage et, bien entendu, beaucoup de photos !!!

    Dans l’immédiaat, je crois qu’il convient effectivement de remercier Marie, votre “remplaçante” durant les quelques jours de votre absence, car la mise en ligne quotidienne de messages sur un blog est un travail astreignant et elle s’y est consacrée à merveille. Merci donc à elle…


    Didier (photo blog)

  6. Marie McC says:

    It was fun stepping into the breach while Passante was away. Always nice to have another good reason to go somewhere new and take more photos.

    Didier, mille fois merci pour votre gentils sentiments!

  7. ~tanty~ says:

    Welcome back Passante.
    Those mushrooms look soo fresh.

  8. Elisabeth says:

    Welcome back. How was the trip? And how was Lille?

  9. Passante says:

    In recent years, each time I go to Europe — my birthplace — I leave a little of my heart behind when I return to the USA. Tomorrow (Sunday), I’ll start posting my impressions of my latest visit, this time to London and Lille, on my other blog, Passante’s World, at

  10. PDPB says:

    hmm. interesting selection.

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