A taste of home


In my experience, the worse a Mexican restaurant looks, the better and more authentic the food. This one is certainly nothing to look outside or inside. People come here for the food, not the ambience. You order at the counter, which is painted an unappealing shade of dark green, and sit at tables covered with green checkered oilcloth to wait for your meal to arrive, which takes a little while because very little is cooked ahead. And when the food (which is amazingly cheap) comes, it is superb. At lunchtime, when I go because it isn’t far from where I work, the place is crowded with construction workers who probably speak little or no English and who are looking for a taste of home. Taco Lucas, with its friendly owners and great food, gives them just what they’re looking for.

Welcome aboard to new Daily Photo blogger, John, who joins Michael in posting a photo a day of Melbourne, Australia.

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8 Responses to A taste of home

  1. alice says:

    Je note l’adresse si je vais un jour à Washington DC!

  2. Kip says:


    I have also been to some of those excellent “dingy” restaurants. Speaking of which, have you noticed how, when an area “gentrifies,” food loses its flavor?

    Years ago, I rented a room from my sociology professor while I was in summer school. One morning we got up and Ellen said, “Do you feel like fixing breakfast?” To which I said, “I do not.” To which she said, “Say! I have an idea! Let’s go downtown and find the dirtiest, worst-looking place we can find and have breakfast there!” Which we did.

    On the outside, it was a doozie. On the inside, too.

    The food? It was great!

  3. Passante says:

    Alice, si tu viens à Washington, je t’invite!

    Kip, What a great story.

  4. Kim says:

    It’s nice to know there is decent Mexican fare anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic region. I remember my cousin from south eastern Pennsyvania coming to visit me when I lived in California. I suggested that we go out for an authentic Mexican meal at a great beach local since she couldn’t get that back home. Her reply to me was, “Oh, we’ve got good mexican restaurants. We go to Del Taco all the time!” (She pronounced it Take-o…yikes!)

  5. Marie McC says:

    I agree! When I lived in San Francisco, I had a friend who used to like to go with me. We’d always find the worst looking places where our friends wouldn’t eat. One of our favorites was a place we found in the Mission District where the dining tables and chairs were all mismatched and from the Goodwill store next door! It was family owned, and they couldn’t afford fancy stuff, but they made great food.

    Is this in DC or Alexandria?

  6. Passante says:


    It’s in Alexandria on Richmond Highway — not exactly a garden spot!

  7. ~tanty~ says:

    We have a mexican restaurant also here and I agree with you. It’s so delicious and tasty!

  8. Anne says:

    Oh I love tacos and fajitas! Your making me hungry now…

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