Lost history


President George Washington designated a 10-mile square of land as Federal City, and 40 boundary markers were laid. Part of what is now known as the District of Columbia was located in Alexandria (it has since been returned to the Commonwealth of Virginia), and the boundary marker still exists, though it is in sad condition. On the side of a busy street and in a railed enclosure, the stone itself is broken off at the ground and hidden under a layer of leaves, weeds, and the trash that blows in from the street. Fortunately a local historical group is now taking an interest in its preservation, so perhaps that will change.

6 Responses to Lost history

  1. mariemcc says:

    Oh, I like this! I’ve never seen it before. What street is it on?

  2. ~tanty~ says:

    An unique photo and thanks for the narration. BTW, did you put the date 9th August on purpose or by mistake? Sorry, just wondering 🙂

  3. Kate says:

    Thanks for the history lesson, and, yes, it is in sad shape!

  4. passante says:

    Marie — It’s on Rte 7 near Bradlee, but I’d have to point it out to you. You’d never see it.

    Tanty — No, WordPress has a feature where you can write posts and schedule them to post later, automatically. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t! This one was scheduled to post on August 9, but as you can see from Marie’s comment, it first posted itself on August 2. I withdrew it and put it and Marie’s comment back in the queue. Then it posted itself again today. So I gave up and changed the date to August 4!

    Kate — I’m hoping that with the interest of the local group, it soon won’t be.

  5. Jenny says:

    That’s an interesting big of history and a nice photo!

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