Early autumn?


I stopped at the library on my way home last night and found the parking lot and surrounding grassy areas covered with dead leaves. It was most unsettling. I felt as if it was suddenly autumn—but only in that small area. Where did the leaves come from? They weren’t there the last time I was at the library. And why were they in that one place and nowhere else? I have no idea.

7 Responses to Early autumn?

  1. Elisabeth says:

    There is something already in the air by this time in August, which is rather intangible, but it does feel like early fall sometimes early in the morning or late in the evening.

  2. Anne says:

    Yeah that is really weird. Maybe a dead tree somewhere there caused it?

  3. MarieMcC says:

    Did you check out any books by Stephen King? Maybe it’s a haunted bench…

  4. Helen says:

    That would unsettle me too. Being in the southwest we have a VERY late autumn. We can swim here till at least the last week in Sept. And we don’t usually lose the tree leaves till mid Oct early November! Nice Photo!

  5. Kate says:

    Have you solved the mystery yet? great shot of the bench. I like benches!

  6. passante says:

    It must be that the extreme heat distressed the trees planted around the library’s parking lot and many of their leaves died and fell off. Even so, the trees still have plenty of green leaves, and there are so many dead ones on the ground—it’s not just under that bench. Weird!

  7. Seesaw says:

    This is beautiful photo! As for weather – it is gone crazy, is it not?

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