Water gardening


If you live in the Washington area and you’re thinking of putting a pond in your garden, the best place to go is Lilypons Water Gardens. There you’ll find all the inspiration you need, supplies, countless kinds of water lilies, koi, and experts to help you plan and stock your water garden. They’ll even install it for you.


Lilypons is about an hour’s drive from Washington in the countryside of Frederick County, Maryland. Once there, you can wander 300 acres of water lily and lotus beds, koi tanks, water gardens, and water features. The business has been family owned and operated since 1917, and it shows in the friendly atmosphere—how many garden centers do you know that encourage you to bring a picnic lunch and eat al fresco?

7 Responses to Water gardening

  1. Elisabeth says:

    This is really lovely, and something I had never heard about and would like to check out sometime in the future.

  2. Anne says:

    I love water lilies! They look very serene and relaxing! I hope we have something like that here!

  3. Annie says:

    Lily Pons of the make-up industry?

    Am I showing my age here?

  4. alice says:

    Pour un peu, on s’attendrait à voir surgir un crocodile!

  5. passante says:

    Annie —

    The gardens are named as a pun on Lily Pons the opera singer. She was principal soprano at the Met in NY for many years.

    I don’t know anything about the makeup industry. Was there makeup named for her too?

  6. kaa says:

    i like lillies. My profile photo is a water lily. but most often people think it’s a rose.

  7. Annie says:

    Oops, I did what Bush calls “mis-spoke”. In other words, I was conflating Lily Pons with Pond’s cold cream.

    I’d forgotten that Lily Pons was an opera singer. Thanks for reminding me.

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