Crape myrtle


Crape myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica) is a very good-natured tree. While well-prepared soil is best, the trees will grow in poor soil; they tolerate drought, though they flower better if well watered; and they require little maintenance. Yearly pruning any time during the late winter or early spring before growth begins will encourage blooming, since the flowers form on new growth.

Crape myrtles are a popular flowering tree in the Washington area, and we are now seeing the very last of the blooms, which tells us that autumn is setting in.

4 Responses to Crape myrtle

  1. John says:

    One of my favourite trees. I just commented on one on another daily site. I love the wood when the tree is mature. I have one in my own garden.
    PS is it crape or crepe?

  2. passante says:

    John, It’s correctly crape myrtle, though occasionally you do see it spelled “crepe.”

  3. mariemcc says:

    I love crape myrtles. Even though incorrect, “crepe” myrtle does make sense, come to think of it, because their blooms are rather reminiscent of crepe paper.

  4. alice says:

    C’est drôle: le 2 septembre, j’ai mis une photo de la mairie d’arradon sur laquelle fleurit également un “Lilas des Indes”. Bonne journée, Passante!

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