Five years later


It’s five years since the destruction of the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York and part of the Pentagon here in Washington, D.C.

I lived, at the time, about two miles (as the crow flies) from the Pentagon. Firehouse 107 is that neighborhood’s local fire station, and the firefighers are a part of the community. They bring up the rear at all the neighborhood parades and usually turn the hoses on so the children can play in the water. In the holiday season, the engine drives round the streets, lights flashing and bells ringing, with one of the firemen on top, dressed as Santa Claus.

Engine 107 was at the Pentagon within minutes of the impact of American Airlines flight 77, one of the first rescue crews on the scene. Our firefighters certainly helped to save many lives.

Thank you to the operators of Engine 107 and to all the other brave rescue workers in Washington and New York, many of whom lost their own lives as they attempted to save others.

And to the City Daily Photo bloggers who remembered on their sites, thank you, too.

5 Responses to Five years later

  1. jazzy says:

    Lets hope it never happens again!

  2. Kate says:

    It’s a tough day to recall.

  3. lavenderlady says:

    Thank you for posting this rememberance.

  4. Denton says:

    It is nice of you to post a thank you to the DP bloggers posting a remembrance. Also, my reflections today have been mainly about the lose of life. I think it was especially nice that you reminded me of the rescue heroes from 9-11.

  5. santy says:

    such a tragedy. thank you for this post, passante.

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