Studious frog


One of the facilities at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, Md., is a reference library of around 4,000 volumes on horticulture for adults and children, If you visit, you’ll have to share the bench in the visitor center with this fellow. He’s very absorbed in his book. I wonder if it’s The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher.

3 Responses to Studious frog

  1. Elisabeth says:

    What a cool sculpture. I always like sculptures that look like you could actually interact with them. This one certainly does. You could always start a conversation, asking him if he’s reading The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher,

  2. LOL! When I first saw the photo, I was afraid there was another French Frog joke coming that I’d have to think of a reply (not that I would have minded). A very funny photograph!

  3. […] This shot is for Elisabeth, who likes statues she can interact with. If Elisabeth finds that Kermit isn’t the greatest conversationalist, maybe she’d prefer to sit next to this colonial gentleman (whoever he is). But unless Elisabeth is friends with the owners of this private house in Alexandria, she’s out of luck, and like me, will have to content herself with looking at him through the railings. […]

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